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Training; Teach, Develop, Succeed

The biggest problem you'll ever have as an employer or manager is hiring the right staff and having your staff members do the job correctly and efficiently. Here at Autosmart Philadelphia we have training courses to fit everybody's needs. From beginner to advanced, we help improve skills and work place common sense processes to make your business or detail bay turn a bigger profit.


Matrix Ceramics Accrediation Courses

The New Dynamic In Ceramics

With over 40 years of experience we know a thing or two about chemicals. At Autosmart we have developed a "best in class" Ceramic coating product fit for any vehicle type. This Matrix Ceramic training course provides knowledge and understanding of how our ceramics works so well, how they are applied and students get hands on experience with application techniques and marketing advice and aids to increase their business sales and profits

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Paint Correction Training Course

Knowledge Is Power

We have developed outstanding detail products and enjoy showing you how to utilize them to their ultimate capacity. Most people can wash and vacuum a vehicle. This advanced course will teach detail professionals how to step up to the next level and paint correct. This is an involved training course focusing on how to get that perfect paint finish blemish and scratch free. You'll get your hands dirty on this one!


Detailing Course a Beginners Guide

Knowledge Is Power

If you're a beginner, or thinking about beginning, then this is the course for you! We start with the basics. Hands on experience with interior and exterior work giving you all the knowledge and tools you'll need to provide your new clients with a high standard of detail work and make money detailing as a new, bona-fide professional! Business help and advice is also offered as needed.

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